This is a creative collaboration project where all members of EQLovesMusic have the opportunity to produce their own version of this year’s Anthem.

A song specially written by EQ members for EQLovesFestival and which encapsulates the topic of equality in the music industry.

Every year a new anthem is written. In 2019, there were no less than eleven different versions that were formed over just over three months.

Some members have produced together, either IRL or online, and others have worked themselves. Over the weeks, there have been listening sessions where members have been able to play their drafts and get feed forward on them. Mixing and mastering have also been performed by EQ members.

This year’s anthem is called “We are here” and is available as a compilation album on all common streaming services under the record label EQLovesMusic. The project is primarily an opportunity for unstable music producers to participate in a creative album project, but also an important signal from the outside in that it clearly shows how important the producer’s role is for a work. The same song can sound so vastly different depending on who is at the helm.

We are here is written by Kina Nyman, Sara Lundberg and Sophia Jacobsson.