Many producers and artists are now social distancing in their homes during this crisis with the corona pandemic. Many have lost income from live gigs and are forced to cancel events and networking that can help them in their career. The music business are in a big crisis and we have to find new ways to navigate through this.

EQLovesMusic started our online model already in January 2019 with meet ups – listening sessions and producer camps, long before we even knew that this solution would be crucial for us surviving as a network.

We are now continuing our work with more intensity than ever and have already opened up for non members from sister networks to join our online meetups. We know that many producers/artists who always struggled to be included in the music business, despite not being part of the norm, have a even greater need for this during this time.

This year our non profit organization main focus is:

  • Our members – with listening sessions twice a month and building up tools and sources for them to be able to navigate in the new live music streaming era.
  • EQLovesFestival 2020 online project
  • Non members – inviting others to join and connect with us and our members.

We do this in the form of webinars and online group networking and our aim is to develop this to a even more user friendly platform. Through our networks and knowledge that we built during our previous projects, and also the continuous feedback we get from our participant surveys, we are able to moderate and develop our concept further.

To continue with the work of equality and music production, even through a crisis like this.

Recently Melisha and Nadja from EQLovesMusic started the intitiative DigitalScenenSverige, which is an open group also for non-musicians, with inspiration from Melishas home country Norway, where the idea that musicians can have live performances on the platform and share the experience with people who want to enjoy music. The listeners can also support the artists via swish or Pay Pal etc. if they wish.

DigitalScenen Norway has become a success project and has over 150,000 members, and was created to help support cultural news and musicians who lost revenue during this Corona crisis. 

Our newly formed group (platform) DigitalScenen Sverige has almost 3000 members and is growing each day.

The group is designed so that all members can manage their own events, create livestreams, etc. from within the group – so that it becomes an open platform – just like the original example in Norway does.

As a member you can invite every one you know to the platform, friends, collegues and family, etc. This platform is not only for musicians, it’s for music listeners as well. So to sum it up, this platform is also for people out there who can no longer go to a live concerts to get entertained.

We hope that more artists will find and be able to perform, and also to help create an open stage to support cultural Sweden.

See you online !! /Thank you / EQLovesMusic

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