To increase the accessibility of our members we have started networking meetings online.

webinarieintroduktion i studion

This is a new format that hopefully increases accessibility even for those who are not resident in Gothenburg or Sweden.

MEETING ON THE WEBINARY (network event event):

we met and had an introduction (online via the webinar) introduction means we tell about the format and meet up on our member site. It is also possible to see the beginning of the network meeting afterwards for those who were not present.

The members who are present (live and online) were divided into groups via chat.

livechatt i introduktion

The groups were formed and forwarded to a video chat room where everyone made a brief introduction about themselves – about what they produce, their thoughts on the future, etc.

We had a listening session. One by one they shared their music in the chat so everyone listened and gave feedback.


Leadership Time: The theme that the leader of the day (Mary) had decided was discussed. This time it was about how we think about working as producers, mixer masters or artists. Both negative and positive thoughts were raised and questions were raised and aired.


EQLovesMusics nätverksträffar infaller sista måndagen varje månad.


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